Dinner #57

Instead of showing you tonight dinner which will consist of a basket of chips on an 80’s booze cruise for my friends Hen Do!I thought I would instead share with you what I had for lunch. Today my Granny & Grampy offered to throw me a family birthday BBQ at theirs – which was also conveniently the perfect way for me to line my stomach for tonight’s drinking 🙂

I decided to make a few things to take with us to the BBQ. I made a vegan potato salad, some beetroot hummus & some avocado hummus. Potato salad has always been one of my favourite things to have at a BBQ and since becoming vegan I thought that it would no longer be possible for me to have it. However, after some digging I found a good recipe to follow and gave it a go – it turned out gorgeous.

I also decided to make some different flavour hummus – I decided to opt for beetroot and avocado. I love both of these flavours and thought they would work well with the lovely creamy taste and texture of hummus.

We also took our own Vegan meat substitutes; some Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages, 1/2lb Vegetarian Burgers and some cooked vegetarian sausage rolls. I love the fact that all of these items despite being labelled as Vegetarian are actually also Vegan 🙂 I always loved the Linda McCartney range back when I was a Veggie and was surprised to see that no egg was used in these :).

Along with some Morrisons Salt and Pepper Crisps, some plain baps (buttered at home with dairy free butter) and some Lazy Day Millionare Shortbread and Strawberries for pudding. I was determined if everyone else was going to have some lovely chocolate cake that I would be able to have something equally tasty 🙂

Overall this meal was lovely 🙂


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