Dinner #90

Tonight for dinner we had our favourite meal – Pineapple Fried Rice 🙂 Since becoming Vegan this has been a firm favourite and we just cant resist having it at least once a week. I originally found this recipe on Vegan Hugs and over the past few months have been adjusting it to work best for our individual tastes.

This one is really quick and easy to cook once prepared and so it is the perfect choice for a gym night. For prep I chopped up some carrot, read onion, spring onions and some pineapple (leaving whatever pineapple is left over to be frozen for overnight oats). In addition I minced some garlic (1-2 cloves) & a large portion of ginger (much larger than what is recommended).

It’s amazing how much my taste buds have changed since becoming Vegan. I used to hate ginger, with a passion, and now I cant get enough – it’s lovely 🙂 With this recipe the more ginger the better as it mixes so well with the chili and pineapple flavours.



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